No Royals Back in the Snow

watch I’m back in Ontario after spending the past few months in the Vegas sun, trying to hit some royals.  Played about 120,000 hands over the past few months, but only received one royal flush.  And it was the worse Royal ever!  After playing many hours on dollar and quarter progressives, I had $10 of freeplay to cash in at the Palms, so on the last week in Vegas I ran it thru their 50 play 9/6 jacks penny game and hit a royal for $40.  Very disappointing.  Over the course of the past three months, my bankroll is down by just over $3,000 USD and currently stands at $20,806 USD.  I also have about 3,000 EURs sitting in a bank account left over from Monte Carlo a few years ago. The gambling plans for the next few months are to ramp up the bonus trolling online and continue developing a bitcoin fantasy sports platform.


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