Without Bad Luck

dr reddys Finax buy Sunday I was sitting at the bar at Sam’s Town playing their dollar progressive on a point multiplier and the guy two seats down is one of those players who smashes the buttons, like the harder he hits them, the more enjoyment he will receive. He is slapping away and complaining about not winning. The bartender remarks – “without bad luck, there is no good luck”.

order provigil That’s the kind of place Sam’s Town is. One minute you’re watching some alcoholic playing nickel video poker at the bar for free drinks and the next minute you’re being quoted Augustine.

Then I went on a huge run.  Probably one of the best days of video poker I’ve ever had without hitting a royal or a straight flush. I was mostly playing for dollars and I was just getting a good string of luck.  Knocking off the quads and boats with comical frequency. It got to the point where I would just laugh when they happened. So I’m back to even for the trip again.

And then Boyd’s gave me a new sweatshirt.  Thanks Sam’s Town.

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