Tacos and Video Poker

click here Today, I got up and hitched a bus to Sam’s Town to play their 7x point multiplier (Fridays and Sundays in January), but the video poker kicked out of me and I lost $400.  Now I’m down $600 this trip.  Although I do have a few hundred dollars of free play between Station’s and Boyd’s, it doesn’t make up for the cold hard cash that I’ve lost. My bankroll now stands at $10,900 cash on hand, and just under $20,000 earning interest in a brokerage account. So I’ve got lots of breathing room, but it would be nice to get a royal this month!

http://gentlewellnesscenter.com/blog/2015/06/27/feel-good-fridays---two-smoothie-recipes-for-the-older-man-in-your-life?view=full I estimate that today I played about 2,000 hands of video poker based on how many points I earned (just under 10,000 “B-Connected” base points at $1 coin-in per point). I was at Sam’s Town for about 6 hours, played for 5 hours, and took a couple of breaks.  I mostly played 9/6 jacks progressive for dollars and the meter wasn’t that high (at $4,215 and then $4,250 by the time I left). The theoretical rate of return was 99.50% base game plus 0.70% players club, plus 0.20% of the meter.  So I was probably playing at an advantage of about 0.30% considering I make about 0.10% error rate.  At 400 hands per hour, I was earning $6 to $8 per hour.  I could have been working at McDonalds!?!

Not the best day of gambling.  Especially losing $400, “not very savvy” as the royal flusher would say.  But on the other hand it was fun.  I enjoyed the day and it was fun to plug my brain into a machine for a few hours.  My only complaint is that I keep getting interrupted by business a lot.  And I found my mind wandering towards my business life while I was playing most of the time.  This is a shame because one of the fun things about video poker according to Natasha Shull is that players can get into a gambling zone where the world is supposed to float away.  I wish that would happen to me. Maybe I can’t get into a gambling trance because I’ve dissected the games so much they have lost all their mystery.

Otherwise, I should give some props to Roberto’s Taco Shop, which has 49 locations in Las Vegas. Its a good taco and very consistent (probably because the prep is so simple), went there again today for dinner.


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