Light to Heaven At the end of my street there is an amazing view of the Strip and the city. I’m high up near the Black Mountains in Anthem. Its the kind of view that can’t be captured with a camera, it needs to be experienced with the naked eye because the energy of time and place is a key part of the experience.

source Yesterday I hopefully fixed the handle bars on my bike. I went over to a bike shop and got them tightened. Thanks to Aspen Creek Cycling, and good luck on your retirement cycling trip across America!

Last night I went to Green Valley Ranch to play some video poker. First hand was a dealt four of a kind. Afterwards, I scouted out the table games pit. I noticed that GVR doesn’t have any “EZ Games”, but they do have three tables of the the new Shuffle Master Commission Free Baccarat and Commission Free Pai Gow Poker. It seems like the “zero commission” versions of these games are taking over. Why not? Its so easy to change the game edge by modifying the payout on just one hand to make up for the lost commission. And game speed is naturally increased. With the Shuffle Master Zero Commission Pai Gow, the hand is a push when the dealer has a 9 high pai gow. I sat down at a Shuffle Master Commission Free Fortune Pai Gow Poker Progressive with Dealer Bonus side bets. All the tables were full on a Saturday night. Most of them were $10 mins from what I could see, and at my table, everyone was playing above the minimum and also making the side bets on every hand. However, I did notice (from the casino’s perspective) that table game speed was a little slow.

I think now that Shuffle Master is offering a competing product as DEQ System’s”EZ” games”, its going to be more difficult for DEQ to get these games on new floors.  Its going to a pretty tough battle between these two products. I do think DEQ Systems is doing more things right lately.  I like the new CEO, and the fact that he’s based in Vegas makes sense. I like the recent deal with Winstar, and I like that they are making a push into Asia.  In particular, I like these games to move into electronic and online versions. They can offer a unique stadium seating experiences with their electronic versions. This type of experience can be found at Venetian Las Vegas and other casinos in Macau. Building out these electronic versions could be an area for growth and a way for DEQ Systems to differentiate their offering. Plus, if the key factor for the casino is game speed and hands per hour, then an electronic version should be a an added benefit.

On my way home at the end of the night, I had to stop and watch the Luxor blast its light into the sky. Its really quite and amazing building.  Where else on earth is such an absurd building part of the mainstream built environment? Its fun to bike home at the end of the night thru these gated subdivisions. I’m the only one of the streets and I really feel like I am moving against the grain, in an experience that is uniquely my own. It gives me a feeling of freedom and power.

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