Call Me Deacon Blues This morning I got up and biked to a Fedex Office to print and scan a business document, which was more difficult than it needed to be.  For some reason, the scanning service at this location was crap.  They charged by time, and didn’t provide instructions on how to use the scanner (which was a single bed, you couldn’t even feed pages). So $1.43 later, I found an Office Max and finished the job.  Beacon and eggs for breakfast and a coffee at Starbucks, I finished some other business tasks, then it was an easy bike down Silverado Ranch (which I found out today cars use as a highway) to South Point.

buy cheap accutane uk I went to South Point to play a promo. It is a point hurdle promo where if you get 2,000 players club points on video poker, you get to spin a wheel for a cash or a freeplay prize. I won $25 and $10. The nice thing about these promos at South Point (and Palms) is they have full pay multi-line 9/6 jacks.  In the case of South Point, they have a 50 line full pay jacks or better for nickels. This means each push is $12.50 coin in, but the returns are pretty smooth since you’re playing 50 hands at a time. The only thing I fear is that inevitably one day I’ll hit a royal on one of these and the payout will only be $200 instead of $1000 for quarters and $4000 for dollars. At this point in my video poker play, I know the royals will come, I just hope I hit them at the best times (such as when I’m playing for high stakes when the progressive meter is high).

Tonight was the NCAA national football championship game between Alabama and Clemson. I’m really not a football fan, but being in the states you kind of get caught up in the hype, so I had decided earlier in the week that I would place a small bet and watch the game in the GVR sports book. Over the past few days I’ve been watching the odds and looking for a good bet to make. When I was at South Point I noticed they had posted a moneyline on Clemson at +225, which at the time was the highest odds in the city, so I put down $20 just for fun.  To “get the juices flowing” as some of my friends would say.

By the time I biked home, the line had moved and my bet looked pretty good. I arrived at GVR around kickoff and sat at the bartop having drinks and watching the game. Clemson came out pretty strong, so at the half, the game was tied. This meant Clemson was punching above their weight, so I decided to cover the bet at half by betting Alabama at the halftime moneyline, which was -190 at Stations. I bet $65 on Alabama, which meant I would either break even if Clemson won or win $32.50 if Alabama won. Lucky for me, Alabama made some great plays in the second half (including a remarkable onside kick) to win the game.

In the middle of this I was also catching some great video poker hands, and by the time I got home to review my bankroll, I noticed I’m back to even for the trip. That’s likely to change tomorrow as Fiesta Henderson has a double point day and I plan to play their 9/6 jacks dollar progressive.  I could easily be down $500 on the day.  Wish me luck.

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