Another Sam’s Town Promotion

click This week I’ll be staying at Sam’s Town on a room offer that includes a bonus point promotion. The offer is for a $33 per night room and includes at 10x point multiplier during the stay. I’ll be staying for five days starting Sunday May 10th. I obtained the offer from B Connected online, but when I signed up online, the offer didn’t contain any details on the 10x multiplier. So at check-in today, I was referred to the B Connected desk. When I consulted the B Connected desk, I was told the offer was only valid with a paper copy of the offer letter. But since I obtained this promotion thru B Connected online, I didn’t have a letter. So I went back to my room and obtained all the details online and forwarded them to my phone. Then I went back to the B Connected desk and showed the offer details to the staff. After a bunch of talking in circles, the staff eventually discovered the details of my offer; and it’s better than I expected. The 10x point multiplier is valid up to 10,000 base points per day during each day of my stay. So this means an extra 1% for video poker up to 10,000 base points each day for the five days I’m staying at Sam’s Town.

How should I play this offer? The games available at Sam’s Town where I can play accurately are 9/6 Jacks progressive at dollars, 8/5 Bonus progressive at dollars, 9/6 Jacks at quarters, and 8/5 Bonus progressive at quarters. There is also a triple play 8/6 Jacks progressive and a single play 8/6 Jacks progressive. I currently have $8,700 in cash with me.

At 500 hands per hour, I can earn 625 base points per hour at quarters and 2,500 base points per hour at dollars. It will take 16 hour per day at quarters to hit the 10,000 maximum point level, but only 4 hours per day at dollars. The rate of return on static 9/6 Jacks with the 10x multiplier is $3.125 per hour, but the return on 9/6 Jacks progressive with a base royal of $4,000 is $12.50 per hour. There is a 9/6 Jacks progressive at the dollar level, so when the royal meter rises to a higher level (maybe $5,000 or more) I’ll play the dollar progressive. When the dollar meter crosses $4,500, the rate of return for my promotion gets past $20 per hour expectation. So I’ll play at quarters until the meter on the 9/6 Jacks dollar progressive gets to a $4,5000 or higher level and then play the dollar game.


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